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SolarCity Opts for an Outside Developer on Calif. Commercial-Scale Solar Projects
SolarCity increasingly partnering with energy developers on commercial projects. Also joins forces with Mercatus to use the company's deal assessment software to improve its commercial game.
Inside SolarCity: The Rise of a Hot Solar Panel Provider
CBS This Morning's Don Dahler "meets one man who uses imagination to help power the change," SolarCity's CEO Lyndon Rive.
Now you can buy solar power (of a sort) at Best Buy
SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive discusses our new partnership with Best Buy on Marketplace, public radio’s program on business and the economy.
Costs Count Most in Clean Energy Survey
Consumers may say they care about the environment. But when it comes to clean technology items like hybrid cars or energy-efficient home upgrades, people vote with their wallets.
California has a third of the nation's solar power jobs
The solar industry employed 47,223 Californians in 2013 including many SolarCity employees at our local warehouses and headquarters in San Mateo, CA.
SolarCity puts new twist on solar
The News Journal covers SolarCity's new office opening in Seaford, Delaware.
Four Market Disruptors
SolarCity is profiled as an innovative corporate disruptor transforming the status quo.
Switching to Solar Saves Water for Humans
Unlike electricity generated from coal, nuclear power and natural gas, solar-generated electricity uses no water, something to note during a historic drought.
Jobs available in fast-growing solar industry
SolarCity a leading employer in the fast-growing industry.
SolarCity: Taking on and powering big companies around the world