SolarCity Reviews

Thank you for taking the time to visit the SolarCity review page. I am proud that across our entire customer base, the average experience has been between great and excellent. It is important for me to show you how our customers feel about the service we provide. What you see below is the analysis of the responses we have received from our customers.

— Peter Rive, CTO and Founder

Why are these ratings different than
Yelp ratings?

Yelp uses a computer based algorithm to try to separate real reviews from fake reviews, and it hides or "filters" the reviews that it thinks are fake. Unfortunately, most of our real customers are not frequent users of Yelp (one of the criteria Yelp uses to filter reviews) and many of their reviews have been suppressed.

I feel it is important for our potential customers to read all the reviews that have been posted about our business. If you visit Yelp, please read all of our reviews to get a more accurate picture of our customer satisfaction. If you'd like to speak to any real customers whose reviews have been suppressed, we would be happy to arrange a conversation for you.

How do we collect customer installation reviews?

After each one of our solar installations we send out a survey inviting our customers to rate our service. The results shown are the average ratings for our installations on residential homes.

SolarCity Customer Testimonials

Steve B. Your way of doing business is great. New equipment , well trained people, quality parts, and the men doing the work really do seem to care about doing the best quality work I have ever seen. I have been in construction field for 35 years and this good stuff.
Amy & Andrew C. Your technicians: Jeff, John, and James are Awesome!!!!!!! They were very considerate and hard working. Extremely thorough guys who work really well together. They made our experience pleasant. Very professional. Can't say enough good things about them!!!  We are very pleased. Thank you!............... We will tell EVERYONE we know!
Gary S. Your team enjoys what they do, which is nice to see and creates confidence in their work for your clients.
Sondra M. Your people were courtious,caring and concerned that the job was done perfectly. You have restored my outlook on the present gereration.  Okay now for the truth..I enjoyed having the group here. They were just great. Thank you. With people like this you cannot go wrong. 
Stephen W. Your installation team was efficient, professional, courteous and amiable.  They were a pleasure to work with.
Lorna D. Your installation personnel, the Moke Crew, were excellent.  They were very proficient.  We have a roof that is difficult to work on and they did an outstanding job being careful as they worked on it.  It was evident the care and proficiency they exhibited while working.  The members were friendly and always willing to answer our questions as to what they were doing.  They carefully took their time ensuring a job done right.  We were very happy with their work.
David G. Your install crews are top notch!
Bud S. Your entire team did an excellent job. I was especially impressed with the installation crew. Sometimes craft personnel are a little less than personable or professional in their behaivor. That was NOT the case with the crew that installed our system. They were personal, professional in their behaivor and in communicating their needs and asking for our preferences. We're so ready to start producing our own electricity. Thanks again to the crew and Seth's communication all along the process.
Arnold L. Your company is one of the best I have ever worked with in all phases.  The installers Charles, Brian and Liam are one of the most professional and safety minded individuals I have ever met and I have met with and work with a lot of companys in the past.  They are a plus 10 rating and I will highly recommand anyone to your company.
Vaden G. Your company and its employees have been great.  We will continue to send friends your way.
Karyn S. You were great to work with.  From my first phone call everyone has been very helpful and timely.  Those that worked in and around my home were courteous, friendly and always left my  house clean.  And I never had to worry about a gate being left opened for the dogs to escape.
Jeff W. You guys were 100% in every aspect... and I don't say that lightly...  everything from sales... to install to turn on.. was just as you said it would be.. no deviation from schedule or work flow one it began....  Very Impressive 
Byron H. You guys have been awesome so far.  Our salesman Kevin has been very responsive to any questions including Ceon who facilitated the install.  Brian (our installation foreman) was very conscientious, as was his crew.  They left the yard cleaner than they started and were all smiles all the time.  To top if off, they finished 1 day early!  Thanks for a great experience so far.  Can't wait for it to be turned on!
David E. You guys have all been great!  Carolyn Sass, Andrew and everyone else at SolarCity has been helpfull, cheerful and professional.  Thanks to all of you.
Robert L. You guys did a great job and I couldnt be happier
George U. You guys are number 1. The installers were great.. Very professional and listen to any concerns we had and will to make adjustments with everyones ok. Even after we had the system turned on, you guys contacted us noting that the converter was not putting out like it should and will be scheduling the replacement. Nice job guys. I will be working on getting other people on board to Solar. Looking forward to see what the numbers are like now the summer is finally here. Lastly, my wife Rose is looking for one of those Solar City hoodie sweatshirts.
Stu O. You guys are great. Extremely professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Each time I had a question it was immediately answered by either someone on your technical staff or Linda T, our sales rep. You may refer any of your potential customers to me for a reference. Thanks for your great work.
Tim W. You guys are great.
Ronald K. You Folks did a great job and I will be recommending your services to all my neighbors and friends. System is working great !!!
Henry M. My experience with Solar City has been a really good experience with the quality and professionalism of it's personnel in all areas from first contact to the final inslallation of our system. A very nice experience and a seamless process. 
Brian C. Working with SolarCity has been a terrific experience!  The staff is knowledgable, and even when I threw them a curveball about our particular state tax rebate program, they got an email with supporting documentation and an expert on the phone with me to answer my questions within 24 hours!  Very professional, and I've already recommended you to over 10 of my friends and family (and our solar array hasn't even been turned on yet!)  Keep up the great work!
Kristin K. Wonderful experience! Solar City has excellent customer service.  John was especially good.  It is so refreshing to have sales people that treat you with respect and courtesy.
Donald S. What super experience it has been doing business with you all. Everyone has just been so nice and knowledgeable. I could not imagine anything going smoother.
John L. What a unique experience and what a great job everyone did! I will never be able to thank everyone enough but I do want to mention Carey  and his team: Byron and Tunde.  Carey’s communication and leadership style are outstanding! He empowered his team mates to make decisions on the spot motivating them to do more and plan ahead. These are key elements to great performance and it showed in the extremely well coordinated step by step approach of this install. Even if short one person on the second day Carey and Tunde managed to finish on time – a testament to their organization and planning skills. Many thanks to all that helped make this dream a reality!
Josh R. Well done.  I appreciate the demeanor of all involved, as well as the attention to safety, neatness and organization.  Everyone seemed to be happy to be doing the work and it all looks great.  Let's hope for a bunch of sun.
Chris M. Well done!
Ron Z. We were very happy with out sales representative, Brent L. The installation crew was very professional and courteous.
Stanley G. We were very happy through the entire process with all we came in contact with.
Yvette B. We were so excited about getting this system but what really excited us was every time we spoke to someone at solar city, they were excited for us.  We researched with several different companies and this was the best deal for the money.  The process for approval was so fast and then the installation was even faster.  I want to thank the professional team that came to the house, San Fou S., Matt H., Alex C., Chieb Fou S. and Byron S. were a great, respectful group of guys.  I made them lunch one day and they barely would stop working to eat.
Ron B. We were especially impressed with the quality of work and responsiveness of the installation crew.
Suzanna G. We have found the entire experience with Solar City thus far to be fantastic.  Everyone has been very professional and courteous.  We also felt that everyone moved the process along expeditiously and smoothly.  We would definitely be happy to recommend SolarCity to our friends and others.  We are thrilled to have turned on our system yesterday and look forward to generating electricity to save.
Linda S. We could't be more pleased with the customer service from Solar City.  From start to finish every step was thoroughly explained to us.  Someone was always quickly available to answer questions or respond to my emails.  The knowledge and professionalism of everyone we came in contact with was outstanding.  I don't know why anyone would go anyplace else for their solar systems.  We will recommend you to everyone.  Thank you for making this an exciting experience. 
Lori S. We are very pleased with the ENTIRE process... from our salesperson Mike, who was great.... to the wonderful installers.....and the guy who came out with APS to turn on our system!  Every step of the way your customer service was top notch!!  Thank you very much! 
Fred R. We are very pleased with our SolarCity installation and impressed with the company personnel. We watch our system performance almost daily using the web.
William And Lucy W. We are very impressed with the quality of Solar City's people, their high praise for the company, the service, the communication and the performance of the system to date. We would recommend SolarCity without reservations.
Barbara K. We are very impressed with everyone we have come into contact with at Solar City.  All have been very professional and knowledgeable.  The team of installers (Rolando, Logan and one other gentleman) were awesome.  Always explaining what they were doing and would be doing the next day.  Called both John and I when they were going to be late arriving on one day due to a safety meeting at work.  Very much appreciated.  Thank you.
Dave H. We are excited about this new system and the potential savings that we will realize once it gets turned on.  Everyone involved has been very professional and has done exceptional work.  Thanks
Don And Jeanne G. We are both in our 70's, and we must tell you we have never had better service from anyone than you! You folks are simply...the best! Thank you for making our experience a real pleasure. We recommend Solar City at every opportunity.
Earle P. Very professional from start to finish
Chris C. Very professional and timely. Along with friendly employees. Thanks  for the great experience. 
Hans K. Very pleased with the whole crew so far, the initial guys and the installation guys.  Very professional. Installation actually looks cool. Can't wait to run it now.
Don H. Very pleased with the overall experience. Now I am looking forward to the benefits.  Thanks!
Dave L. Very pleased with the installation crew that installed the system, they were very professional.  The conduit run in particular was very nice.
Tim K. Very pleased with the entire process.  Thank You.
Dan W. Very happy with the whole project.
Janet S. Vanessa has always been the one I turn to for questions. Even though her job (selling me on SolarCity) was complete, she always helped in a very courteous and timely manner. She is great.  The installation team was fantastic, friendly, courteous, and very safety oriented (both for themselves and us). They kept us well informed throughout the process  - couldn't be better!
Harvey And Beverlie T. Up and running great.  Really appreciated.
George W. Today Rich T & Jason S did the connecting of the system and check out they did a fantastic job in doing their work in a timely manner with minimal electrical down time and quality workmanship. Both men are very personable making this transition to solar a very good experience,  Rich has been out several times and as always in what ever he was doing he made sure that safety and your convenience took priority.
Sue D. They were very competent and professional.  They were able to answer  my questions and help me through the process.
Jose C. Throughout the process your staff has been professional and courteous. I especially commend the staff that installed the solar panels as they exhibited true professionalism, friendliness and informative.  Once the system was installed your staff has been in constant contact  and insuring that I knew each part of the process. I am greatful for their assistance, prompt response and friendliness.
Daljeet S. This was an excellent experience for me! Much easier than expected. I have recommended Solar city to many friends and family since our installation. I only wish I could have done this years ago! Thanks to you all again
Michelle T. This was a very pleasent experience for me.  Every person I talked with was exceptionally kind and helpful.  I sing your praises to anyone who will listen.  Thank you for all that you have done.   I especially like the fact that you hardly notice the panels unless you look for them up on the roof.
John C. This has been and ALL OUT fantastic experience. I will reccomend you all highly... I am interested in expanding the system...
John C. This has been a really great experience - our salesman and installation team were especially good.  Thank you!
Monica M. The whole process went very smoothly for us. Communication was timely, we were periodically informed of the status of the installation via telephone or E-mail. SolarCity processed all of the permits and coordinated with other organizations involved.  When the installers were scheduled to show up, they were very professional, they arrived on time, explained to us the proccess and worked very efficiently, no litter was left behind. Today, we turned our system on  for the first time and are looking forward to sunny days!!! Thanks a million.
David H. The whole process was excellent. Accurate and patient explanations from everyone and a sales team that genuinely helped me get what I needed.
Jack S. The whole experience from start to finish has been outstanding.
Andrea  P. Solar City made it extremely easy to go through this process. You explained everything, led me through next steps, kept me informed of status and reminded me of my jobs too! I would highly recommend Solar City to others. 
Joseph R. The system I received will provide 90% of my electric which will help and the installation personel were helpful and completed the task in a timely maner. I am very happy with the solar system.
Barbara C. the solar city installation was such an easy experience for us.  everyone was courteous and so professional.  they went above and beyond while working on my house.  you certanly have wonderful employees.  i will definately recomend solar city to my friends.
Terry M. the service and the people from "Solar City" are fantastic! Could not be better
Mario G. The Sales person was very friendly and very helpful, the crew doing the installation was also very friendly and very helpful explaining the work to me.
Frank H. The process was painless and was completed sooner then I was told. I'm sure I will see a big drop in my electric bill. Thank you SolarCity
Lorna D. The people who installed our system were outstanding.  Very efficient, very accommodating, and very professional.  We couldn't have asked for a more qualified bunch.  Although our roof was hard to work on, you could tell the care they used in performing their duties.  Can't say enough nice things about them. Thanks for doing such a great job.
Maxwell L. The installers were wonderful. Everything was left cleaner than when they started. Thanks.
Patti A. The installers were very professional and kept us up-to-date on what was happening such as when they were leaving for lunch or  the  day and when they would return. They were very helpful.
Darlene W. The installers were fantastic, hardworking and friendly.  They worked at 150% on a 90 + degree day never letting up.  They were tidy and efficient in all they did.  Really nice people.
Mary J. The installers did an extremely professional job. They were prompt and hard working each day at our house. The results look wonderful.
Craig L. The installation team was just superb - can't remember the name of the lead guy but just fantastic.  Also, Kudos to Anita - consummate professional, courteous, enthusiastic, just a great person and a solid representative for your company.  Dave B has also been terrific and timely.  Really great experience once the install got started.
James S. The installation team that came out to the house over the three days of the installation process were spectacular! Nils and the other guys were able to answer all our questions about the installation and general knowledge on the system. Every one of them were friendly and respectful. It was like having a group of my buddies working on the house. The whole experience was exciting and we can't wait to turn our new solar system on.  Thanks!
Owen S. The installation team (Hydrus Crew) of Michael Lilly, J.T. Huggins, John Arroyo, and Geoffrey Bedin were hard working, competent, professional, and courteous.  It was a pleasure having them do the installation work.  In addition, Lou Kessler was a huge help in getting things going.  Chris did the electricity and came to our house to get the panel names straigntened out.  All in all, Solar City has great employees.  Congrats.
Chung N. The installation crew were very professional. David and Rockco were both very friendly and helpful resolving my concern.
Mike L. The installation crew was very professional, efficient, and very hard working.  I would not only recommend them to anyone; but also, if I were to add anything to my solar array, I would insist they performed the work!
Martin H. The installation crew was very courteous, professional and timely. They made the whole experience very easy.
Perry B. The installation crew finished up their installation of my solar on Thursday. I commend their professionalism, personalities, and work ethic. Not only did they do a great job, but cleaned up the area, painted the electrical conduit pipes, etc. (I had the paint available), and were very informative about what they were doing, the expected time-line for turn-on (city and APS inspections).  Again, my hat is off to the crew who did the work on my house. I ask that their supervisor be informed about how happy I am with their effort.
TIMOTHY H. the install went great it took less then 2 days, i really like the conduit work and also the inverter location, they did a great job.
Kevin P. The install guys were the BEST!!!!!!
Darlene G. The install crews were very professional.  They left our propery neat and clean.
Dennis P. The guys on the job doing the install did a great job. very professional
Ronald K. The guys did a great job installing. thanks
Stephanie F. The experience was smooth from beginning to end.  I will recomend SolarCity as often as I can.  In fact, I was in a Home Depot recently and a few people were discussing Solar Power.  I pointed to the sign for SolarCIty and told them to give you a call.  I filled them in on how smooth the process had been and they were a bit reluctant as it's pretty unbelievable that everything worked as it was described....  I told them that two of my friends had already gone live with their Solar Panels from SolarCity or I may not have believed it either.  Keep up the great work and customer service,
Maxwell L. The entire staff at Solar City has been wonderful to work with. Today has been a special day, our system has been turned on for a few days. How wonderful it was to see my meter going backwards. Thank you Solar City.                                                                                  
Jason V. The entire solar city experience, from the intial consult with the sales rep, to the final installation, was absolutely phenomenal!  Solar City was most generous in their communications, exceeded my expectations for a timely install and provided world class customer service.  I cannot say enough good things about Solar City!  You cannot go wrong with them!
Brian C. The entire process was well executed...SolarCity was always on top of every step as it came, and the communications were clear as to what we should expect or how long each step might take.  In the end our solar system was installed perfectly and turned on much sooner than expected!
Lisa S. The entire process was handled flawlessly. Everyone was polite, informative, and smart. Solar City employees showed up on time for every appointment and were very knowledgeable.
Richard M. The Customer Service from beginning to end has been outstanding!!  All communication was very timely and thorough!!  The installation team were exceptional!!!  They were professional at all times and their attention to detail and care of the product and my home were amazing!!!  I have rarely seen this high quality of work from installers in any profession!!!  They truly have raised the bar......!!!!  I usually don't leave a company's advertising sign in my yard but I will be leaving Solar City's up for a while because of the exceptional service and quality from the installer team!!!  Thanks again!