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SolarCity Yelp reviews

Thank you for taking the time to visit the SolarCity review page. I am proud that across our entire customer base, the average experience has been between great and excellent. It is important for me to show you how our customers feel about the service we provide. What you see below is the analysis of the responses we have received from our customers.

-Peter Rive, Chief Technology Officer and Founder

Why are these reviews different than Yelp reviews?

Yelp uses a computer based algorithm to try to separate real SolarCity reviews from fake reviews, and it hides or "filters" the reviews that it thinks are fake.

Unfortunately, most of our real solar power customers are not frequent users of Yelp (one of the criteria Yelp uses to filter reviews) and many of their reviews have been suppressed.

I feel it is important for our potential customers to read all of the solar panel system reviews that have been posted about our business. If you visit Yelp, please read all of our reviews to get a more accurate picture of our customer satisfaction. If you'd like to speak to any real customers whose reviews have been suppressed, we would be happy to arrange a conversation for you.

How do we collect customer solar panel installation reviews?

After each one of our solar panel installations we send out a survey inviting our customers to review our service. The results shown are the average ratings for our installations on residential homes.

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Steve B.

"Your way of doing business is great. New equipment , well trained people, quality parts, and the men doing the work really do seem to care about doing the best quality work I have ever seen."

Amy & Andrew C.

"Your technicians: Jeff, John, and James are Awesome!!!!!!! They were very considerate and hard working. Extremely thorough guys who work really well together. They made our experience pleasant."

Gary S.

"Your team enjoys what they do, which is nice to see and creates confidence in their work for your clients."

Sandra M.

"Your people were courtious,caring and concerned that the job was done perfectly. You have restored my outlook on the present gereration. Okay now for the truth..I enjoyed having the group here."

Stephen W.

"Your installation team was efficient, professional, courteous and amiable. They were a pleasure to work with."

Lorna D.

"Your installation personnel, the Moke Crew, were excellent. They were very proficient. We have a roof that is difficult to work on and they did an outstanding job being careful as they worked on it."

David G.

"Your install crews are top notch!"

Bud S.

"Your entire team did an excellent job. I was especially impressed with the installation crew. Sometimes craft personnel are a little less than personable or professional in their behaivor."