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Solar panels in Washington

Helping Washington shine

What better way to keep the Evergreen State green, than to use solar power to produce clean electricity from an ever-renewable energy source. And even though we have a reputation for "liquid sunshine", Washingtonians are smart enough to know that we can produce solar electricity even on those cloudy days.

SolarCity is Washington’s leading full-service solar provider—taking care of you every step along the way and making your transition to clean, solar power as smooth as possible.

We make it easy and affordable for Washington homeowners and businesses to go solar with system design, financing, permits, installation, and system monitoring included. Our team works closely with local building departments and utilities to help Washingtonians take advantage of sunny days and generous solar rebates and tax credits.

SolarCity cares about Washington. We understand the great strides being made to reduce energy consumption and increase renewable energy. The environmental toll that energy production from polluting fossil fuel takes on Washington is one of the greatest challenges that our state will face in the near future. We are committed to doing our part to limit the damage and improve our environment.