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Solar panels in Nevada

Supporting solar in Nevada

Nevada is famous for its desert sun and you should be able to turn that sunlight into clean, affordable energy. But that’s no longer the case.

Until the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUC) decision, SolarCity was Nevada’s leading full-service solar energy provider. While we will continue to service our customers in Nevada, SolarCity has ceased solar sales and installation in the state, effective immediately.

The PUC's recent decision eliminated the state's rooftop solar industry, and the ability of Nevadans to go solar. Existing solar customers will lose their prior rates, a result of terminating net metering.

We want to bring solar back to Nevada.

SolarCity is committed to restoring Nevadans’ right to go solar. That’s why we’re a founding member of the Bring Back Solar Alliance. Together, we’re working to put a referendum on the November ballot to protect today’s solar customers from these punitive rates. Let’s protect the rights of all other Nevadans who might want to produce their own power in the future.

Join our fight to protect customers like you and bring solar back to Nevada.

Nevada solar operation centers

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