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A roof with invisible power

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SolarCity and Tesla introduce
Solar Roof

The solar cells on our roof tiles are invisible to the naked eye, yet incredibly efficient. So when you're on the street, you simply see a stunning roof. From above, the solar cells are fully exposed to the sun, so they can power your home in the cleanest, most effective way possible.

From above, cells are exposed to the sun.

From street view, cells are not visible to the eye.

Power from above, beauty from below

Anatomy of the Solar Roof

anatomy anatomy
  1. Colored louver film

    Allows the cells to blend into the roof while minimizing solar efficiency loss.

  2. High efficiency solar cell

    Produces more energy even at higher temperatures.

  3. Tempered glass

    Makes the solar roof tiles extremely durable.

Sustainably power your home

Our solar roof converts solar energy into electricity and integrates seamlessly with our Powerwall 2 battery to power your home with a completely sustainable energy system.
Solar roof shown with textured glass tiles

Glass as tough as steel

Made of extremely strong tempered glass, our solar roof tiles can withstand nearly three times the force of standard roofing tiles. Watch how we take durability to a whole new level.

The evolution of roofing


A roof with hidden solar tiles that powers your home with clean, renewable energy.


A roof that complements the beauty of your home.


Costs less than an equivalent roof when combined with projected utility bill savings. Various financing options will be available.

Take your roof to a whole new level

Join our waiting list. Be the first in your neighborhood to get the solar roof when production begins in mid 2017.

Which solar roof tile are you most interested in?

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