Solar Pricing

Our solar power stations are custom designed for your home.  Getting a price estimate is easy: you can start with a quick online quote, talk with one of our friendly consultants, or request a free consultation and written proposal.

Example Pricing for Average Home

Just looking for a ballpark price?

For a 3-bedroom home with a current electricity bill of $200 per month, we might recommend a medium sized 4 kW solar system.

Cash Purchase (4 kW)
SolarLease (4 kW)

$30,000 Retail Price
$16,500 Net Cost After
Government Rebates and Tax Credits
$0 Down

Please note pricing varies quite a bit based on system size, design and local rebates, so keep reading below to get a custom quote for your home.

Quick Online Quote For My Home

Get a quick "self service" quote in less than a minute!

Our Solar Calculator will help you identify your home on a satellite map. This allows the calculator to recommend the optimal solar system size based on the estimated sunlight on your roof and your local utility rate plan.

The Solar Calculator allows you to compare pricing between purchasing or financing a system by selecting different purchase options.

You will not be contacted by SolarCity unless you request a Free Consultation, so give the Solar Calculator a try!

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Free Consultation

Schedule a Free Solar Consultation with one of our knowledgeable consultants to learn how much a system will cost for your home and how much you can save every month on your electricity bills.

The initial call will be about 15 minutes. The solar consultant will review your historical electrical usage patterns and evaluate your home via satellite photos for roof space and solar exposure. You will discuss what percentage of your electrical usage you would like to offset with clean solar power.

One of the next steps is to conduct a site visit to evaluate your roof structure and measure the solar exposure on your roof.

Written Proposal

SolarCity will gladly prepare a detailed written proposal for your home solar system. There’s no obligation and it’s free.

Your solar consultant will work with you to custom design the system based on your family’s electrical needs, your home’s architecture and your financial goals.

Your proposal will outline the size of solar system, included services, pricing, government rebates, environmental profile and financial analysis.

To obtain a written proposal, start by scheduling a Free Solar Consultation.



A solar power station is customized for your home, so savings and financing terms vary based on location, system size, government rebates and local utility rates. Finance terms vary by location and are not available in all areas. Get an online estimate with financing terms at $0 due upon contract signing. No security deposit required. A 3 kW system starts at $25-$100 per month with an annual increase of 2-4% each year for 10-20 years, on approved credit. First payment is due after your system is turned on. SolarCity will repair or replace broken warranted components.