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SolarPPA for home

SolarCity's SolarPPA

SolarCity has revolutionized the way energy is delivered to your home by giving you a cleaner, more affordable alternative to your monthly utility bill. With SolarCity's SolarPPA you simply pay for your solar power by the month, just like your utility bill, only lower.

Savings can grow every year

Your savings can grow over time as utility rates continue to increase. Historically, utility rates have been increasing over time. With a SolarPPA, you can secure lower electricity rates for the term of your contract.

Premium service package

With our SolarPPA, we install your system for free and take care of it for the entire length of our agreement.

System monitoring

We constantly monitor your system's performance to ensure it's running smoothly. If problems do arise, our service crews will be notified and dispatched to get it back online.

Repair service

We own the equipment and take care of all repairs at no added cost.

Insurance coverage

Our all-inclusive coverage includes protection against damage and theft.

Buy or upgrade system later

With a SolarPPA, you can purchase your system any time after year five. At the end of our agreement, you can upgrade to a new system with the latest solar technology. You can also extend our agreement, purchase the system or simply have the panels removed for free. If you sell your home, you can transfer the SolarPPA to the new owners or prepay the agreement ahead of time and include the cost in your home sale price.

What is a SolarPPA?

A Power Purchase Agreement is a contract to buy solar power based on a set rate that is usually equal to or less than market rate from your local utility company. Because your solar electric rate is secured, you can also protect yourself from the volatility of future utility rate increases.

As a SolarPPA customer, you only pay for solar power, not the solar equipment or installation. SolarCity installs, maintains and owns the solar system on your rooftop or property. SolarPPAs are very common for commercial solar customers and are now becoming very popular for residential customers too.

How is SolarPPA different than SolarLease?

Our SolarPPA and SolarLease are both great options. They offer similar financial advantages to the homeowner. The primary difference is that with a lease you pay by the month, and with a PPA you pay per kWh. Another benefit of the SolarPPA is that you can purchase the system after year five.

Availability of SolarPPA and SolarLease vary by location based on what your local utility company prefers.

Flexible payment options

We offer several payment options to fit your financial goals. You can go solar for as little as $0 down or you can prepay for some of your electricity in advance to lower your ongoing monthly payments. You can also fully prepay your SolarPPA so that you do not have any ongoing monthly bills.