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Solar panels that power savings

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Raising the bar, not the price

Sleeker than the rest

Our solar panel systems look right at home on your roof with a super sleek, low profile design. With integrated front skirts and no visible hardware, we offer a clean look that our competitors can only admire. See for yourself.

Our Panels

  1. Integrated front skirts
  2. Redirected plumbing vents
  3. Hidden clamps and rail-ends

Their Panels

  1. Cables and mounting hardware are visible
  2. Protruding plumbing vents get in the way
  3. Top clamps and rail-ends are visible

How Solar Works

See how solar energy works with the grid to power your home at various times of the day.

As the sun rises, your system begins producing power. When you're consuming more power than your solar is producing, you may still draw power from the grid.

During the day, your system can generate more power than you are consuming. This extra power goes back to the grid where it can be used by your neighbors.

At night, while you're not producing solar energy, your home gets its power from the grid.

As the sun rises, you are paying for solar energy—typically at a lower rate—instead of energy from your utility company. For the energy you are not producing yourself, you pay the utility company the regular rate.

When you're producing more energy than you're consuming, you get a credit against your future consumption.

The solar credit you've accumulated during the day offsets the higher energy cost you incur from the grid at night.

Power your world, your way

Get control over energy costs and save on your monthly bill while making your planet a
better place with clean, renewable energy.

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