With SolarCity's new PurePower™ service, you pay purely for the power you produce each month.

$0 to Go Solar

Now you can install a home solar system for $0 upfront cost, because you are not buying the solar equipment—you are just buying the solar power.

Pay as You Go

With PurePower service, you pay only for the solar electricity you produce each month. SolarCity combines all available government incentives into one low solar electricity rate.

You pay the same rate for your solar electricity as you currently pay your utility company today—so you can switch to clean solar power for no extra cost!

Plus, with PurePower you are locking in a low cost of electricity. No matter how much utility rates continue to increase, your solar electricity rate will be predictable for the long run.

Smart Financial Decision

PurePower can be better than purchasing a solar system for $20,000+ because you can save your money for other opportunities. When you purchase a solar system, you are essentially pre-paying 30 years worth of electricity; but with PurePower service you pay as you go.

PurePower is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). A PPA is a financing plan commonly used in the solar industry by most businesses when they install a solar system, including Intel, Walmart and Whole Foods.

Free Maintenance and Monitoring Service

With PurePower, we install and maintain the equipment on your home, so you don’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance costs. SolarCity owns the equipment and is responsible for repairs, such as inverter replacement.

PurePower includes SolarGuard® proactive monitoring for the full life of the term. SolarGuard allows you and SolarCity to continuously monitor your system to ensure it is running smoothly and performing as expected.

In the unlikely event that your system underperforms, we will alert you and help to diagnose the issue, and dispatch a repair crew, free of charge, if necessary. The good news is that solar panels typically last up to 30 years or longer, and have few moving parts. So once systems are installed, they require little ongoing maintenance.

Flexibility to Upgrade the System Later

PurePower is a very flexible way to go solar. Your solar advisor will help you determine how much electricity you want to offset. Then we will size your solar system to meet your objectives. Your payment will remain level and consistent throughout each year of the agreement.

When your PurePower term ends, you have several good options including upgrading to a new system with the latest solar technology under a new PurePower agreement. You also have the option (but no obligation) to purchase the system at the end of the term for fair market value. Or you can ask SolarCity to remove your system for free.

If you sell your home before the end of the agreement, you can transfer the PurePower service to the new owners if they qualify with excellent credit, or you can prepay the expected solar electricity costs for the remainder of the term and add it to your home asking price. A solar system will help differentiate your home from other properties on the market—new buyers are looking for green homes that are energy efficient and will help them save money on energy costs.

Financing and Service Options

In some states and utility districts, SolarCity's financing plan is called SolarLease. PurePower is not available in all areas. To find out which plans are available in your area, go through our Solar Calculator.

To qualify for financing, you need to have excellent credit (a FICO score of 680 or greater).


PurePower Example
For a Typical 3 Bedroom Home

For a typical 3-bedroom home with a current electric bill of $75 per month, we might recommend a medium sized 3.5 kW solar system.

Your new solar system will generate enough electricity to offset what you are currently paying the utility company from $75 down to $45 per month.

Your solar payment would be $0 down and $30 per month. So you can switch to solar at no extra cost.