PowerGuide Home Energy Monitoring

SolarCity's innovative PowerGuide™ technology constantly measures your family's electricity consumption. With a clear picture of your usage patterns and recommendations from SolarCity, you can better manage your energy consumption and save money.

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Real-time or historical data

Green bars indicate your solar energy production

Red area indicates your home energy consumption

Environmental benefits


Knowledge is Power

SolarCity's PowerGuide technology constantly measures and displays how electricity is used throughout your home.

Understanding your energy usage patterns can help you save money by informing smarter choices on how and when you use electricity. For instance, shifting energy intensive activities like doing the laundry to off-peak hours when utility prices are lower.

Save Over $30 per Month*

Research shows that you can save 5-15% on energy costs when you have immediate feedback on your energy consumption.* Utility prices vary greatly based on your rate plan, time-of-use and peak demand charges.

As your family grows, your electricity usage patterns will change too: teenagers use more electricity-hungry gadgets than young children, and you will switch to more energy efficient appliances if you remodel your kitchen.

* Based on an Oxford study that shows 5-15% savings with energy monitoring and typical SolarCity customer in PG&E Territory X with average monthly bill of $335/mo and 10% savings.



How PowerGuide Works

PowerGuide constantly monitors your home's electricity usage and displays it on your personal web page.

You can save money when you make smarter energy choices based on real-time feedback. For instance, shifting energy intensive activities to off-peak hours when utility prices are lower.