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Solar power lowers your electricity bill

Control your electricity costs

When you begin to generate your own solar power, your electricity bill can drop significantly. How much you can save will depend on the size of your solar power system and your family's electricity usage. You will still draw some power from the utility grid, but at a lower-priced rate tier. SolarCity will design a solar system that's right for your home and determine the optimal utility rate structure for your remaining energy needs.
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Offset your electricity costs

When your solar power system generates more electricity than your home can immediately use, your excess power flows back to the utility grid and your meter literally spins backward! Most utility companies will pay or credit you for this electricity.

Your solar power system produces the most electricity during the middle of the day, during "peak" hours when the utility rates are at their highest. This is to your advantage, because you can sell excess electricity at high peak rates in the afternoon, and buy electricity back at lower "off-peak" rates at night. You buy low and sell high! This is referred to as "net metering" and can lower your electricity bill even further.

Minimal maintenance

Solar power systems have no moving parts, so there is very little upkeep required. SolarCity solar panels carry extensive warranties and are exceptionally well made. We continually monitor the system to ensure it’s working smoothly. If a problem does arise, service crews will be automatically notified and dispatched to get you back online. We cover all repairs at no added cost.

Protect yourself from rising electricity costs

Residential utility companies are dependent on fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas, which are vulnerable to volatile foreign markets.

When you switch to solar power, you are hedging against rising utility rates. You can secure low, predictable electricity costs for years into the future. As utility rates continue to rise, your savings can grow every year.
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Save on electricity bills with a solar energy plan

Solar power can cost less than power from the utility company. Plus, SolarCity offers flexible energy plans so you can save right away. With a SolarLease or SolarPPA, you can go solar for as little as $0 down or you can prepay for some of your electricity in advance to lower your ongoing monthly payments. You can also fully prepay your solar electricity so that you do not have any monthly bills.

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