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Solar panel design and mounting

SolarCity doesn’t just strive to offer you energy cost savings, we want our panels to add an aesthetic to your home that you simply can’t get with any other solar company.

Technology better than the rest.

Our Zep Solar panels include low impact mounting technology that doesn’t even compare to the competition.

All our residential systems include:

  • Integrated front skirts that contour to your roof, protecting it from hard weather.
  • Redirected plumbing vents to ensure best panel placement, resulting in a continuous array.
  • No top clamps or rail ends with jagged edges, providing a completely smooth surface and mounting hardware that’s hidden from view.

Sleeker panels. Faster installation.

Our team is constantly pushing the boundaries on design,
with mounting that almost seamlessly fits panels to your roof.

Our proprietary mounting technology uses fewer contact points, significantly reducing installation time.

We've got you covered.

Our solar contract means that SolarCity is 100% committed to caring for any issues regarding your system. So if you ever choose to sell your home and transfer your contract, the new homeowner will be covered.