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How much does a solar system cost?

Solar means savings. It's as simple as that.

Thanks to innovations in financing, manufacturing and technology, it's now easier and more affordable than ever to go solar. In fact, solar energy is actually cheaper than traditional power in many markets across the country. For most customers, the savings start on day one and tend to increase over time. The best part? All of our financing products include a $0 down payment option. That means you can switch your home over to clean, renewable solar energy today and pay nothing upfront. So no matter which option you decide is best for you, the result will be the same: clean energy for your home and more money in your pocket for the things you really care about.

Clean energy. No worries.

No matter which option you choose, going solar with America’s #1 full-service solar provider means you’re in good hands. All of our financing options come with the industry’s leading coverage and service package, including:

Unmatched protection
We warranty your roof and take care of system repairs for up to 30 years.

24/7 monitoring
Our online monitoring helps ensure your system is working properly. It will even alert us if problems arise.

Options for moving or selling your home
Our dedicated, in-house team makes it easy to transfer your system if you sell your home.

Our mobile app lets you track your solar system’s production as well as your home’s consumption. Tap into the SolarCity community and get a smarter, more connected home.

Referral program
Doing something smart for your budget and great for the planet doesn’t have to be a secret. You can spread the word and enjoy the rewards through our Solar Ambassador program.

For the trailblazer, who cares where their cash is going.

The money you pay your utility every month gets you one thing: electricity. But what if that money also went toward owning the power plant?

With MyPower, your dollars work harder, providing you more than just power for your home. With every payment, you’ll be building equity in an asset that can add value to your home1, reduce your overall energy costs by up to 40% and offset tens of thousands of pounds of CO22.

  • 5% APR3
  • 30-year term (includes warranty and monitoring)
  • 30% federal tax credit
  • Simple transfer process if you sell your home

How MyPower works:

  • MyPower is the easiest and most flexible way to own your solar system from day one with $0 down payment.
  • It’s a low-interest loan that allows you to finance the cost of your solar power system over 30 years with payments based on the system’s production.
  • Your monthly electricity bills could be lower, and over time, you’ll be building equity in your system.
  • Make extra payments to pay off your loan faster or reduce your monthly bill with no penalties.
  • When your loan is paid off, you own your solar system and all of the free, clean energy it produces.

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1. Ernesto Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, December 2013, "Exploring California PV Home Premiums"
2. Environmental benefits based on data collected from: Go Solar California, “Clean Power Estimator,” based on data for Los Angeles, CA (90011); Berkeley, CA (94704) and Point Reyes, CA (94956). Environmental Protection Agency, February 2005, "Emission Facts: Average Carbon Dioxide Emissions Resulting from Gasoline and Diesel Fuel."
3. Excludes 0.5% discount for auto pay. Without autopay, CA residents have a higher rate of 5.49% APR.

For the budgeter, who wants predictability, savings and flexibility.

Surprises are great, just not when it comes to money. So when an unexpectedly-hot month leads to an unexpectedly-high utility bill, your budget could take a hit. Solar leases from SolarCity protect you from energy price fluctuations with low, fixed payments that are often less than what you’re paying now for electricity. That means 20 years of savings on your energy costs, plus the peace of mind to know what your payments will be today, tomorrow and 20 years from now.

Over 50,000 customers nationwide have chosen our lease option to help reduce their environmental impact and save money on their energy bills.

How our solar lease works:

  • You'll lease your solar system from SolarCity and a low, fixed payment each month gives you the right to use it. This payment is usually less than what you’d owe your utility company for the equivalent amount of energy your system will produce.
  • We guarantee that your system will generate all the power we say it will or we will pay you the difference.
  • SolarCity maintains and insures the system at no additional cost to you for 20 years.
  • At the end of your agreement, you can upgrade to a new system with the latest solar technology, you can keep your current panels and extend your lease, or you can simply have the panels removed for free.

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For the traditionalist, who wants a simple, proven solution for going solar.

Power purchase agreements are the tried and true way to go solar and save money on your energy costs. With our Solar PPA, you pay for your solar power by the month, just like your current utility bill, only lower. You'll secure your solar electricity rates for up to 20 years, protecting you from future energy price spikes. And, with multiple payment options, you control how and when you pay for your electricity.

If you sell your home, you can transfer the SolarPPA to the new owners or buy out the system ahead of time.

How our PPA works:

  • We'll install a system on your roof for $0 down and you pay us for the power it produces at, low, secure rates that are usually less than what you’re paying your utility now. It's as simple as that.
  • SolarCity retains ownership of the system, so we'll maintain, insure and service it for the life of the agreement.

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Purchase: pay upfront.

For the investment guru, who wants a fast return and lots of perks.

If you have the cash, purchasing your system outright is a quick way to realize a positive return on investment by going solar*. And SolarCity doesn't leave you in the dark after a system purchase. We'll still cover your system under our 30-year warranty. Meanwhile, your utility bill could drop substantially, freeing up space in your budget for the things you really care about.

How our purchase option works:

  • You'll pay for your system upfront and we’ll take care of the rest — from permitting to installation.
  • We monitor and maintain your system for up to 30 years under our industry leading coverage package.
  • You receive the benefits of your 30% solar tax credit and other incentives.

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*Customers typically see a positive return on investment within 7-10 years.

Our contracts are an open book.

They're available for anyone to review. It’s all part of being open and transparent. You won’t find hidden solar costs, but you will find lots of provisions that safeguard you and your home.

Read our top five contract tips and view an actual SolarCity contract.