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PowerGuide energy monitoring service

PowerGuide: free real-time energy monitoring

Our customers love seeing how much energy their system generates and how much energy they’re using. This is powerful information that can lead to energy savings.* No other solar provider offers this information standard.

1) PowerGuide is activated when your solar system is turned on. No effort or additional cost is required on your part. Our team installs the hardware and you can view the information at

2) See just how much solar energy you’re producing in real-time. PowerGuide shows your solar production so you always know how your solar system is performing.  When we say real-time, we mean real-time. Your data is reported with less than a 5 second lag!

3) PowerGuide can also display your real-time energy consumption to help you make smart decisions about your energy usage.* Ever wonder how much energy turning on your TV costs you? PowerGuide shows you energy spikes up to the moment.

4) The energy insights don’t stop there. You’ll also have access to your data over time so that you can compare how your energy habits change.

Your energy. Anywhere.

See your energy stats when you’re on the move. View PowerGuide on any smartphone, tablet, or computer after your system is turned on. Just log in to your account and download the free app. PowerGuide comes standard with all SolarCity solar power systems and is installed and activated at no extra cost. Go solar with the only solar provider that offers you this level of energy insights.

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*Energy consumption information only available to qualifying customer after September 2014. To qualify you must have sufficient space in your main panel to fit the necessary equipment, to be determined by SolarCity. The average household taking advantage of real-time information can save up to 10% according to an ACEEE study conducted in 2010.