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Community solar in Minnesota

Join the solar community, Minnesota.

It’s easier than ever for anyone who buys electricity in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to go solar by joining SolarCity’s community solar program.

Clean, solar energy made accessible.

With the community solar program, SolarCity is making clean, abundant solar power available to Minnesota residents at no upfront cost. You just have to subscribe and qualify for the program. It’s an easy way to go solar and save each month with SolarCity.

How it works.

Starting in 2016, customers of Xcel Energy in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area will be able to purchase a portion of their power from one of the community solar installations SolarCity is developing, in partnership with Minnetonka-based Sunrise Energy Ventures.

Participants in the community solar program will remain Xcel customers, but will pay a lower rate for their locally generated solar power than they pay utility companies. The savings start on day one and could grow over time for up to 25 years.

Subscribe to our new community solar program.

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