SolarCity Network

SolarCity's Network program makes it simple for you to refer your customers, members and stakeholders to a trusted solar provider while adding an easy source of revenue to your business. Bring clean, affordable energy to your fans!

Program Benefits
  • Extra source of revenue
  • A meaningful and positive impact on the environment
  • Eligibility for exclusive promotions
  • Access to easy-to-use referral tools
  • Online referral tracking
  • Happy customers—help them save money on energy bills!

The SolarCity Network rewards business professionals and organizations for referring their customers or members to SolarCity. Organizations are required to provide a valid Tax/Employer Identification Number (TIN/EIN) for referral payment processing.

Getting Started

Sign up by completing a simple online application. We’ll provide you with easy-to-use outreach tools and marketing support to help you spread the word about clean power to your clients

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