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By Elon Musk, Peter Rive and Lyndon Rive
Jun 17, 2014
Elon, Pete and Lyndon explain the significance of SolarCity’s acquisition of Silevo, and the deepest vertical integration in the solar industry.
Jun 17, 2014
SolarCity has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Silevo, a solar technology and manufacturing company whose modules have achieved a unique combination of high energy output and low cost.
Jul 25, 2014
SolarCity announces the pricing of the offering by its wholly-owned subsidiary, SolarCity LMC Series III, LLC
Jul 16, 2014
Arizonans can Reduce their Electric Bills for no Upfront Cost
Jul 02, 2014
Environmental impact of SheaXero Homes equals planting more than 14 million trees, Saving more than 1.5 billion gallons of fresh water*
Jun 25, 2014
Homebuyers can go solar without adding to the purchase price through Woodside’s partnership with SolarCity
Jun 19, 2014
Nation’s largest solar power provider looking for sales talent, expects to expand to larger office space
May 28, 2014
Deal available in 84 metro areas including hundreds of cities and towns; the largest online discount available for SolarCity’s services
May 23, 2014
New Operations Center to Meet Increased Solar Demand; Expansion Brings New Jobs to Area