Solar@Work Commercial Group Pricing

Join Solar@Work for a Discounted Group Price on Solar Power!

Solar@Work is a project of the World Resources Institute with support from the San Francisco Department of the Environment.

Solar@Work combines multiple commercial properties into a single purchasing group to provide volume discounted pricing and financing options for all participants.

For the first time, small and mid-sized businesses and commercial property owners can pay less for solar power than they pay for electricity from the grid.

Hurry—Program participants will be accepted for a limited time only!

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Going solar through Solar@Work is simple—request a complimentary solar evaluation by calling 888-765-2489 or completing the form below.



Save Hundreds of Thousands on Energy Costs

By generating your own solar power, you can dramatically reduce your utility bill, reduce your exposure to rising energy costs, and take advantage of clean power. A solar system minimizes the impact of electricity price fluctuations and puts you in control of your energy costs.

The average property owner can save 15-20% on monthly electricity costs, and as utility rates continue to rise, your savings will continue to grow.

This can allow some business owners to save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifetimes of these solar power systems.

Little to No Upfront Costs to Get Started

The program allows qualified property owners to install solar systems with little or no upfront investment, and a monthly solar payment that can be less than what you are currently paying for electricity.

Whether you decide to lease or purchase your system, Solar@Work is the most affordable and hassle-free path to solar for commercial property owners.

Green Marketing Opportunities

Operating a solar-powered business not only reduces your energy costs—it can help to position your company as a leader in sustainability by demonstrating your support for clean-energy and the local economy. Solar@Work participants will benefit from exclusive publicity opportunities showcasing their clean-energy leadership.

Take Advantage of Federal Incentives Worth 30% Before They Expire

Commercial solar energy projects started in 2011 are eligible for federal incentives worth 30% off of total project costs.

Hurry—Program participants will be accepted for a limited time only!

Eligibility Requirements
  • Commercial building owners in the SF Bay area
  • Access to at least 5000 ft2 of unshaded and unobstructed roof space, parking area
  • In operation for at least 5 years
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