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GridLogic Microgrid Solution 

Power without compromise

GridLogic is a turnkey solution for communities to obtain clean, affordable and resilient energy as a single service. It's a microgrid-as-a-service solution that provides communities with a way to use locally generated energy to hedge energy costs, while powering critical facilities when the central grid is unavailable. We make adoption simple. Our in-house teams will design, install and maintain your microgrid using the same expertise and experience that has made SolarCity America's #1 full-service clean energy provider.


Renewable energy, day and night. Finally, you can choose where your electricity is coming from, and not just when the sun is shining. GridLogic leverages a portfolio of distributed energy resources – including rooftop solar, ground-mounted solar and battery storage – to deliver and balance energy for your community. Our in-house experts will work with you to design a system that meets your environmental goals while operating in the most cost-effective and reliable way.


Seamless financing and turnkey operations. In many instances, GridLogic provides clean and resilient energy without you having to pay more. We offer the first available microgrid with no upfront costs and pay-as-you-go financing, as well as a purchase option. Our intelligent algorithms optimize system performance to maximize savings for your community.


Power when you need it most. GridLogic is grid-tied, but not grid-dependent. GridLogic's resilience comes from its inherent architecture, built around distributed energy and distributed intelligence. This means next time a hurricane hits or a rolling blackout occurs, your critical systems stay online. You can generate your own power when the grid goes down and keep your fire stations, emergency facilities and grocery stores operating seamlessly during these major events.


Designed to your specific needs. Our in-house experts will work with you to design a microgrid that meets your energy objectives. Whether you run a municipality, remote community, commercial campus or military base with critical backup needs, GridLogic offers a modular and scalable solution that can adapt and expand as your energy needs evolve.


Remote Communities


Military Bases


SolarCity PowerHub is a stand-alone, turn-key system that combines solar energy production with integrated energy storage in a readily deployable and easily movable form that's ideal for remote power applications.

PowerHub is configurable to fit specific needs and comes in stackable 30 kW or 60 kW options. It's capable of producing up to 66 kWh or 99 kWh of energy per day, respectively.

The system is entirely self-powered, removing the need for fuel and costly fuel shipments. It's cleaner, healthier and quieter than a diesel-powered generator. Contact us to learn more about our vision for developing remote electrification solutions.

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