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Intelligent, real-time solar energy monitoring.

Monitor your entire solar portfolio.

PowerGuide provides unprecedented visibility into your system’s power generation and your operation’s energy consumption. It provides 24/7 monitoring of your system’s key solar performance metrics to ensure your systems are producing as promised and automatically notifies us if it isn’t, so we can address any issue.

Automatic activation.

PowerGuide comes standard with all SolarCity solar power systems. We install the hardware at no extra cost, and it’s activated automatically when your system is turned on. You can view your solar system performance at

Real-time reporting usage info.

Once your systems are up and running, PowerGuide lets you monitor solar performance with incredible detail. You can see how much energy your systems generate throughout the day, week, month and year, and your facility’s energy consumption—in real-time. This is powerful information that can reveal additional opportunities for your business to save on energy costs. No other solar provider offers this level of information standard.

Complete access.

You can access your data over time so that you can compare how your energy habits change.

You can view PowerGuide on your computer or on any mobile device with the free MySolarCity app once your system is activated. Just login to your MySolarCity account to download the app. Go solar with the only solar provider that offers you this level of energy insights.