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ZS Beam: Solar Carport Solutions

Elegant and efficient carport designs.

SolarCity’s ZS Beam is a revolutionary solar parking mounting solution that enables solar panels to be attached to parking lot shading structures faster, safely and at a lower cost than was previously possible.

Solar Carports.

  • Eliminates the weight restrictions of rooftop solar panel installation
  • Visible demonstration of green initiatives
  • Provides shaded solar parking structure for parked vehicles
  • Minimal interference with the area’s landscape
  • Efficient use of under-utilized space for additional cost savings

ZS Beam technology.

  • Patented Zep Solar technology fastens and secures panels at all four corners for added strength
  • Installs from below, significantly improving safety
  • Faster install time for less disruption to workplace
  • Panels align together for improved aesthetics
  • Tested 120 MPH wind resistance

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