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Solar energy for local businesses

We're the nation's leading solar energy provider.

Find out how much your business can save with solar.

Manage your business, not your energy bills.

Our team helps businesses save money and regain control of their energy costs. We offer a fixed rate that hedges against future utility rate hikes.

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Straightforward financing with no upfront costs.

With our diverse financing options you can power your business on clean solar energy with no upfront costs. You don’t pay for your solar equipment, design or installation—just the clean power generated from your solar energy system.



  • $0 upfront cost
  • Immediate Savings
  • Pay for energy produced on site
  • Low fixed payments for 20 years


  • One-time payment
  • Long-term savings
  • Own the system
  • Eligible for Federal ITC

We make the process easy.

Your entire project is handled by SolarCity, including: financing, permitting, construction and maintenance.  We use our proprietary Zep mounting system which lets us install panels on your roof in a shorter amount of time and with less penetrations compared to traditional methods – with little to no disruption to your business operations.

Site audit




Final Inspection


Monitoring &

Complete solar energy coverage

The SolarCity promise extends beyond installation. Our exclusive 24/7 monitoring system ensures that everything is working. We also perform all warranty repairs for the life of the system.


What if I’m leasing my property?
A solar installation requires an agreement from the property owner. Talk to your landlord about lowering the building’s electric bill with no upfront cost.


What if I want to sell my property?
SolarLeases and loans are line-itemed as an assessment on the property tax bill. Should you choose to sell your building, you may prepay the assessment or the assessment will transfer to the new owner.


What is PACE?
PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is an innovative way for commercial property owners to pay for on-site renewable energy projects. PACE funding is provided or arranged by a local government for 100% of a project’s costs. Then it’s repaid with an assessment over a term of up to 20 years.
To see if PACE financing is available in your community and learn how you can support a program, go to


How much does solar cost?
In many markets, electricity from solar costs less than traditional electricity. We can install your system at no upfront cost and you can pay less for solar energy than electricity from your utility company.


Will my solar system be connected to the utility grid?
Yes, all our systems are connected to the utility grid. During the day, your property will draw energy from the solar system and feed any excess energy back to the grid. At night, you will continue to draw energy from the grid as you do now.


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