Maui Arts and Cultural Center

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Key Facts

Location Kahului, HI
Project Size 463 kW
Installed 2011
Lifetime CO² Reduction 26 million lbs.
Est. Energy Production 703,000 kWh/year
Electricity Off-Set 60%
Est. Energy Savings $92,000/year
Solar Panels 2,000
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"As a non-profit it is essential to find ways to reduce overhead in order to maintain our ability to provide the maximum products and services delivered to the community. This installation will meaningfully reduce our energy costs, and contribute to a more sustainable environment by significantly reducing our carbon footprint."

- ART VENTO MACC President and CEO

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SolarCity Turns on the Sun to Turn the Tide on a Non-Profit's High Energy Bills

Maui Arts and Cultural Center (MACC) Uses Solar to Save Money and Support Community Services

Reducing energy costs adds to the "bottom line" of every organization— including non-profits like Hawaii's Maui Arts and Cultural Center, which serves 260,000 people every year. By working with SolarCity, MACC is now able to generate more than half their electricity from their new solar system. The return on investment for the project was positive from day one since MACC did not have to pay for the equipment or installation and only pays for its solar power through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) at a rate that is expected to be lower than electricity from the grid. By spending less money on kilo-watt hours from the utility, more can be put toward music and theater productions, hula, ballet, taiko drumming, children's art programs, storytelling and more.

SolarCity Integrates Solar into the MACC Environmental Plan

Nearly five years ago, MACC established a plan to improve their environmental performance and initiated a recycling program, began using biodegradable products and upgraded to high-efficiency equipment. The new solar system takes the MACC plan to the next level and dramatically reduces the facility's energy consumption and reliance on electricity from the grid. The 463 kW system will off-set 60% of the facility's power with solar electricity and save more than $90,000 each year.

Hawaii Governor Celebrates Solar in a Traditional Blessing Ceremony

MACC unveiled its new solar system at a traditional Hawaiian blessing with remarks from Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa, and Maui City Councilmembers.