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Oakland Zoo

Oakland, CA

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SolarCity helps Oakland Zoo educate visitors on benefits of solar power.

The Oakland Zoo’s mission is to inspire respect for and stewardship of the natural world. When families spend a day at the Oakland Zoo, they not only engage with the 440 native and exotic species of animals that call the zoo home, but they can also learn more about conservation and how to achieve a greener footprint.

Solar became part of the Oakland Zoo’s curriculum in 2007, when it joined forces with SolarCity and the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) to participate in Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Solar Schools Program.

“Conservation and a greener footprint are two important concerns for us,” said Dr. Joel Parrot, President & CEO of the Oakland Zoo. “With the work of SolarCity, FEE and the PG&E Solar Schools Program, we can help address these important sustainability issues while providing a central location for bringing clean energy awareness to our visitors.”

Inspiring the solar scientists of tomorrow.

SolarCity installed a 30 kW system on the zoo’s Educational Center and set up a kiosk in the lobby of the center. The kiosk features a display that shows real-time solar electricity production to further educate visitors about how solar works.

The zoo was happy to leverage the new system to lower its electricity expenses inspire respect for and stewardship of the natural world.

“In providing these grants, equipment and curricula, we hope to help educate students on the benefits of clean, renewable energy sources like solar power, and inspire them to become the solar inventors and scientists of tomorrow,” said Ophelia Basgal, PG&E vice president of civic partnerships and community initiatives. “PG&E’s Solar Schools Program brings together our commitment to renewable energy, energy efficiency and education in a way that will benefit students, schools and the community for years to come.”