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Town of East Bridgewater

East Bridgewater, MA

Project Size:
2.4 MW

Est. lifetime savings:
$2 million

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East Bridgewater leads the solar revolution and lowers their energy costs.

A town that supported the American Revolution is now part of the solar revolution. East Bridgewater’s 2.45-megawatt solar project is one of the largest in the state. The amount of energy the 10,000-panel array is expected to produce each year is enough electricity each year to power about 350 homes and save as much as $2 million* on energy costs over the next 25 years.

SolarCity installed the project at no cost to the town and is supplying electricity at a lower rate than the local utility company. The energy is sent to National Grid, resulting in net metering credits that reduce the town’s electricity bills.

“The residents of East Bridgewater will enjoy the benefits of this agreement for decades to come,” said Brian Connors, Chair of the East Bridgewater Board of Selectmen.

Solar project gets gubernatorial support.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, a strong supporter of solar energy, said “Massachusetts has benefited from a major increase in solar energy thanks to projects that protect our environment and create jobs. My thanks go out to the East Bridgewater community for their leadership in adopting these new technologies that will benefit generations to come.”