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East Bay Municipal Utility District

East Bay Area, CA

System Size:
775 kW AC / 900 kW DC

Est. CO2 Reduction:
24 million lbs.

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SolarCity helps East Bay Municipal Utility District soak up the sun and cut energy costs.

The East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) is located in the eastern region of the San Francisco Bay Area, known for its cloudless blue skies and sunny summer days. Now the EBMUD is taking full advantage of its climate and sunshine to reduce its consumption of fossil fuels and save approximately 24 million pounds of greenhouse gases over the next fifteen years.

SolarCity designed, built and installed five new solar systems totaling 900 kW.

EBMUD serves 1.3 million people in its 331-square-mile territory. Within that area, officials identified five locations for solar projects: Walnut Creek Water Treatment Plant, South Area Service Center, Camanche South Shore Water Treatment Plant, Camanche South Shore Waste Water Ponds and Camanche North Shore Waste Water Ponds. SolarCity designed customized systems for each location, including ground-mounted arrays, roof-top arrays and non-penetrating arrays on the roof of a drinking water tank at the Walnut Creek Facility. Under a SolarCity PPA, Solar City installed 3,900 solar panels and will own, maintain and operate the solar systems. This financing structure allows EBMUD to benefit from solar tax incentives it would not normally qualify for as a government entity and also benefit from predictably priced power for the length of the agreement.