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City of San Jose
solar project

City of San Jose

Project size
10+ sites

System size
2 MW in progress

CO2 reduction
142 million lbs.

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City of San José partners with SolarCity to make green vision goals a reality

Despite the tough economic times facing cities, the City of San José is moving full steam ahead towards its Green Vision goal of 50% energy reduction per capita and being supplied by 100% renewable energy by 2022. The City of San José has teamed up with SolarCity and will save millions by going solar at community centers, libraries and other city facilities. So far, 9 solar power projects totaling 1.1 megawatts have been completed, while 11 other projects are in the planning or construction phases. The Solar Panel Installations completed are: Kelley Park (411 kW), two installations at the Police Activities League Sports Center (160 kW), Tully Community Library (127 kW), South Service Yard (95 kW), Willow Community Center (88 kW), Alum Rock Library (80 kW), Pearl Library (65 kW), Municipal Water Office(30 kW), and Tully Ball Field (29 kW).

Solar Power Systems to Generate Millions in Energy Savings

The City does not have to tap into city funds, but will simply buy the clean power produced at a rate expected to be lower than they currently pay the utility over a 20 year term. SolarCity will design, install and maintain the solar power systems through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The solar power systems are expected to create millions in energy savings for City taxpayers over the course of the 20 year PPA. SolarCity estimates that the Kelley Park project alone will save the city $27,000 in the first year and up to $1.2 million over 20 years.

Overall, the City of San José is well on its way to meeting its sustainability goals, all while supporting the local economy and generating significant cost savings.