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Government solar power projects

SolarCity enables governments of all sizes to save
money and maintain services.

Saving tax payers millions.

SolarCity’s national scale, experience and technology make us the clean energy solution of choice for municipalities across the country. SolarCity significantly reduces energy costs with solar, while providing technology that helps keep critical systems online during emergencies.

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Predictable energy costs.

You can generate clean solar power at a lower cost, enjoy immediate savings and protect yourself from rising energy costs for 20 years.

Immediate savings with little to no upfront investment.

SolarCity’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) eliminates solar’s high upfront cost and the “pay as you go model” makes solar power a viable option for many governmental organizations around the country. Plus, our project financing capabilities make solar power less expensive than electricity from the local power company.

Elegant and efficient.

Our proprietary east/west solar mounting and racking system allows us to install up to 50% more panels on a roof compared to traditional installations, and do it in a fraction of the time.

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100% guaranteed performance.

Our proprietary 24/7 monitoring ensures your system is up and running and performing as promised. We take care of any necessary repairs for the life of the system. No weather adjustments and no downside risk for underperformance.

Combining storage and PV to further reduce your energy bill.

SolarCity develops solutions that help governments reduce their energy costs and ensure critical systems stay online during emergencies. Our competitively priced Solar PPA can reduce your standard energy charges compared to what your utility is currently charging you. Plus, our DemandLogic Solar PV + Battery Storage can lower your expenses even further by reducing your peak energy demand during the day, when utilities charge a higher rate for your energy. And our GridLogic solution can provide full back-up power for critical functions in the event of a power outage.

How a Solar PPA works.

SolarCity provides a solar consultation that includes a site survey and financial analysis.

You sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with SolarCity.

SolarCity designs, installs and connects the solar system to the utility grid at little to no upfront cost to you.

You pay for the power you consume at a rate typically less than that charged by the utility company.

SolarCity continues to monitor and maintain the system while you save on your energy bill.

After 20 years, you can sign a new agreement or the system is removed at no costs.

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Boost fiscal performance, create local jobs, ensure critical systems stay online and help build a cleaner future. Join cities, counties and agencies across the country that have strengthened their communities with clean, more affordable energy. Browse through our government solar case studies to see how we do it.