Getting Started

SolarCity manages everything you need to power your organization with solar energy, from system design and financing to installation and ongoing system monitoring. Here are the steps to get started.


Step 1: Free Energy Consultation

Every business is unique, so we start by talking with you about your energy needs and project goals. We will review your historical electrical usage patterns and visit your site to evaluate your roof structure and solar exposure. We will provide an initial project estimate to show you how generating your own solar power can lower your operating costs.

Step 2: Proposal

SolarCity will prepare a full financial analysis of your solar project, including annual cost savings, payback calculations and cash flow analysis. We will identify the government rebates, tax credits and depreciation that can dramatically improve your financial investment. Many businesses chose our SolarCity Power Purchase Agreement, which requires no capital investment; you pay only for the solar electricity you generate each month. The proposal includes an initial design mock-up to show you how the solar array will look on your site.

Step 3: System Design

High quality starts with good design. Our in-house engineering team will custom design your solar power system based on your facility's architecture and electrical needs. SolarCity works with high quality solar panel manufacturers with the latest technology to design high performance solar systems.

Step 4: Installation

SolarCity's professional installation teams have extensive experience and will build your system to our high standards. Commercial installation times depend on system size and complexity. We will work closely with you ensure minimal disruption to your business. Our project managers oversee all the building permits, inspections and connection to the utility grid.

Step 5: Ongoing System Monitoring

SolarCity continuously monitors your system performance to ensure it is running smoothly. You can access your system production at anytime through your online SolarGuard account.