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SUNY Cortland solar project

Cortland, NY

Project size:

Est. annual production:
1.5 million kWh

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SolarCity installs 3,600 solar panels at SUNY Cortland.

The State University of New York (SUNY) at Cortland completed three solar projects on its campus that will save money and reduce carbon emissions. By signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with SolarCity, SUNY Cortland received 3,600 solar panels with no money down, all while purchasing energy at a lower rate than it pays their current local utility. When it comes to sustainability, SUNY Cortland leads other campuses in the system.

“Over the years, SUNY Cortland has dramatically reduced the amount of greenhouse gas it generates, and this solar project marks another huge step forward,” SUNY Cortland President Erik Bitterbaum said. “SolarCity enables us to pay less for solar electricity than we pay for power generated by fossil fuels, and we hope these projects will serve as a model for other campuses in the SUNY system.”

The 1.06 megawatt (MW) solar system is expected to generate 1.5 million kilowatt hours (kWh) a year*, enough to power about 200 New York homes. The power generated will offset approximately 32 million lbs. of CO2 emissions. That’s the equivalent of removing roughly 140 cars from the road or planting nearly 70,000 trees per year.

Power from the solar system will contribute well beyond powering lights and computers by also enhancing learning. Students can view the day-to-day energy production on their campus by using SolarCity’s patented web-based monitoring system, PowerGuide. The SolarCity system will not only help save the university money for years to come, it will help build a cleaner future.