Greater utility bill savings

Introducing SolarCity DemandLogic
Demand management and backup power made easy

Lock in low demand charges and save for years to come

Smart Battery

Automatic demand reduction

You don’t need to change your business operations or load shift to lower demand. SolarCity DemandLogic uses intelligent algorithms in conjunction with your solar power system to automatically reduce your demand during peak periods.

Watch how DemandLogic shaved a real customer's peak demand. (46s)

No Upfront Cost

Demand charges continue to rise
Energy charges have risen rapidly. (Source: EIA)

Start saving right away

DemandLogic reduces your demand charges from day one. And because demand charges tend to rise, your savings increase over time.

Backup Power

a light bulb

Be prepared for power outages

Keep high-priority critical systems running even during power failures. The optional DemandLogic backup system can be your safeguard against an aging and increasingly unstable utility grid. Your solar array recharges the battery system during longer outages.

10-year Guarantee

Our performance promise

DemandLogic is backed by a 10-year guarantee that promises that you’ll get the demand reduction that we predict each month or we’ll pay you the difference. The system also carries a full warranty. We cover all repairs and insurance.

10-year guarantee

Advanced Technology

Get the technology advantage

DemandLogic combines the groundbreaking technology of two industry leaders. It’s built around an advanced Tesla Motors battery and our proprietary software. They work seamlessly with your solar power system to provide guaranteed reliability and performance.

shaving demand

12 PM

Your system is at full production, charging your battery and reducing your need for utility power.

5 PM

As solar production decreases, the battery is intelligently discharged to reduce peak demand charges.

10 PM

You draw power from the utility company at night, at lower off-peak demand rates.

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10-year guarantee

Talk to an expert

DemandLogic is available to new solar customers with sites in Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, Connecticut Light & Power, and NSTAR territories for installation in 2014.

Get in touch with one of our Energy Advisors at 888.765.2489. They can answer any questions you have. There’s no obligation.

“Utilities have altered their rate structures such that demand charges are rising faster than overall energy rates, and businesses are bearing the bulk of those increases. Our storage system gives businesses immediate savings and protection against escalating demand charges, and can also provide optional grid-independent backup power in case of outages.”

Peter Rive
Co-founder, COO, and CTO

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