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An intelligent battery storage system

Ideal for businesses, schools and municipalities. DemandLogic uses intelligent algorithms in conjunction with your solar power system to automatically reduce your demand during peak periods.

Delivering the future of clean energy technology, today.

As America’s #1 full-service solar provider, we have delivered clean, affordable solar energy solutions to Fortune 500 companies, municipalities and schools throughout the U.S. Now, with cutting-edge battery storage technology in partnership with Tesla Motors, we can help you save even more on your electricity bills.

Outsmart rising demand charges

The cost of electricity has increased steadily over the past 20 years. Peak demand charges – a charge your utility imposes on you based on your highest 15-minute peak electricity usage – can be 30% of your utility bill. With DemandLogic, you can control your energy costs without having to change a thing about your daily business operations.

Automatic demand reduction

Run your business on cheap, renewable energy during the day and store electricity in your battery to intelligently discharge when your demand spikes, reducing the total cost of energy for your business.

Commercial Solar Solutions - Daytime

12 pm

Your system is at full production, charging your battery and reducing your need for utility power

Commercial Solar - Evening

4 pm

As solar production decreases, the battery is intelligently discharged to reduce peak demand charges

Commercial Solar Solutions - Night

10 pm

You draw power from the utility company at night at lower off-peak demand rates

Start saving right away

We offer flexible financing options for our solar and storage solutions, including no upfront costs. Our storage systems are backed by a 10-year guarantee that, for the life of your contract, you’ll get the demand reduction we promise each year or we’ll pay the difference. The system also carries a full warranty, which covers all repairs and maintenance.

Be prepared for power outages

Keep high-priority critical systems running even during power failures. The optional DemandLogic backup system can be your safeguard against an aging and increasingly unstable utility grid. Your solar array recharges the battery system during longer outages.


DemandLogic Suite of Services

Solar + Storage: We will size a solar energy and battery storage system for your organization based on your electricity demand and load profile. You’ll see savings on your utility bill from day one and hedge against future rate increases.

Standalone storage: If your organization is already generating solar power, we can help you save even more, specifically on demand charges, by adding a storage system that is customized for your load profile with solar.

Backup power: The optional DemandLogic back-up system can be your safeguard against an aging and increasingly unstable utility grid. We can help you keep high-priority systems running even during power failures.

Talk to an expert today

Our primary markets for DemandLogic include: CA, NY, MA, NJ, CT, TX, HI and MD. To learn more about DemandLogic and the solution that’s right for you, get in touch with an Energy Advisor at 877-695-SOLAR (7652) / or fill in your information below.

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