Competitive Price and Financing

Save More When You Choose SolarCity

SolarCity has the installation experience and scale to offer our clients faster service at the best price. Our construction experience building megawatts of solar and technology infrastructure allow us to efficiently manage your project without compromising quality or service.

We've evaluated every stage of a solar project to streamline our process and eliminate unnecessary costs, such as developing a fair, no-hassle contract to save on costly legal fees.

A Technology Approach to the Solar Construction Industry

Our technology approach and software solutions allow us to efficiently manage large-scale solar installations from beginning to end, and that saves time and money on your project.

Our management team comes from Silicon Valley and has invested in technology that makes SolarCity operate more efficiently and scale faster than other solar installers.

Our in-house software tracks the status of every job and allows us to efficiently schedule crews and inventory. We easily manage over a thousand solar projects at various stages at any given time. This same commitment to software design also allows us to provide accurate proposal costs and ongoing system monitoring.

Strong Supplier Relationships Lower our Price

Our relationships with top module and solar equipment manufacturers give us access to high performance products at volume discount prices.

No Capital Investment

SolarCity's Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows your businesses to go solar with no upfront investment or equipment purchase—all you pay for is the solar electricity you produce each month.

SolarCity provides direct financing, so you do not have to pay a middle man. SolarCity's PPA can take advantage for government rebates that you may not qualify for on your own; we can combine all government incentives to lower your cost of solar electricity.

Energy Management Services Help You Save More

SolarCity is committed to helping businesses reduce their energy costs, which is why we go beyond solar panels to develop innovative products like SolarGuard™ and PowerGuide™ that can help you manage your electricity use more intelligently.

We also partner with energy efficiency partners who can advise your company on how to reduce your overall energy load, run more efficiently and save even more.


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