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SolarCity commercial solutions

Solar financing

SolarCity offers a lower, predictable cost of energy with no upfront costs. Learn more about our solar commercial financing.

$0no upfront
cost to you

Pay for energy
produced on-site

"Host" for a fixed term

$0no upfront
cost to you

Fixed Monthly Payment

"Host" for a fixed term

Keep system over production
at no additional cost


SolarCity’s proprietary system management solution monitors all solar systems, including our commercial solar energy systems, in real-time and intelligently notifies response teams to address any performance issues.
Learn more about PowerGuide >


DemandLogic works in concert with your solar power system to intelligently reduce your peak demand and dramatically increase your energy savings.
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Zep Solar

SolarCity has developed industry-leading mounting technology that enables faster and safer installs, improves power density and reduces the impact on your operations.


GridLogic is a turnkey microgrid-as-a-service solution that provides you with a way to use locally generated energy to hedge costs and power critical facilities when the central grid is unavailable.
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