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Solar Project


California, Arizona, and Colorado stores

Electricity production
39,899 MWh+

Lifetime CO2 reduction
86 million lbs

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Walmart raises the bar for businesses to "Go Solar"

Planet's Largest Retailer Looks to Save Planet's Resources.
Goal: 100% Renewable Energy

By installing solar at its Arizona and California stores, Walmart has taken a major step toward its long-term goal of using only renewable energy for all its retail and distribution facilities. The first SolarCity Walmart project to come online was the Stockton, California store back in July 2010. Now 59 stores are scheduled to have solar capacity with SolarCity by the end of 2011 with a total of more than 120 online by the end of 2013. That means fully three-quarters of Walmart's California stores will offset between 20-30% of their power from the sun. That is enough to power a small city of 5,400 homes for a year.

Partnering with SolarCity

When Walmart looks for solar partners, they look for companies with extensive project experience and the capability to deploy solar across multiple states. The ideal partner would be able to deliver the most cost-effective solution for a variety of building and application types, including roof-top, ground mount and carport installations. SolarCity's full-service approach and flexible financing options made it a great choice for Walmart's California and Arizona rollout. SolarCity and Walmart initiated the first project in July, 2010, and expect to complete 23 megawatts of new solar capacity by the end of 2011.

Affordable Clean Power

Walmart's goal is to produce renewable solar energy at prices equal to or less than traditional energy rates, and at the same time, provide price certainty for a percentage of the stores' load against the volatility of energy prices. The company's bold solar initiative is contributing to the development of a growing solar economy, and creating hundreds of jobs in the process. "Walmart is setting a clear example that other companies can follow, and demonstrating that solar power can reduce pollution and lower operational costs at the same time" said Lyndon Rive, SolarCity's CEO. "Considering Walmart's scale, their goal to use 100% renewable energy creates jobs and helps make solar energy more accessible for other businesses and homeowners."