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DIRECTV Solar Project

Long Beach, CA

System Size
1 MW

Estimated Annual Production
1,600 MWh

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SolarCity powers DIRECTV’s broadcasting center.

In 2015, DIRECTV entered into a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with SolarCity, which allows it to pay for energy at a discount to utility power and enjoy low, predictable rates for the lifetime of the agreement.

DIRECTV’s new one-megawatt solar array in Long Beach will power the California Broadcast Center, one of DIRECTV’s largest energy-consuming facilities, which supports a large percentage of its Latin American customers. The ground-mount solar system is expected to generate enough electricity over its lifetime to power the equivalent of over 1,400 typical homes for a year and deliver important environmental benefits to the residents of Long Beach and the Los Angeles county region. It’s expected to prevent more than 15.7 million pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere over its lifetime, which is equivalent to taking more than 1,350 cars off the road for a year. It’s also expected to save nearly 73 million gallons of water that would otherwise be consumed in the production of electricity from fossil fuel or nuclear sources.*

Extending solar to its customers.

In addition to installing a solar system, DIRECTV and SolarCity have teamed up to make affordable power easily accessible for DIRECTV customers. DIRECTV technicians visiting customers’ homes can offer homeowners the opportunity to become SolarCity customers, making it possible for them to pay less than their current utility rates. The new relationship with SolarCity is unique to the industry and enables DIRECTV customers to live more sustainably while saving money through the use of power generated from the sun.

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