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SolarCity commercial solar financing.

No capital investment.

SolarCity’s solar financing options empowers cities, schools and businesses around the country to go solar without the high upfront cost. You don’t pay for your solar equipment, design or installation—only the clean power generated from your new solar energy system.

The only question you need to ask is: what will I do with my new energy savings?

Power Purchase Agreement and Lease

SolarCity’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Lease allows your business to go solar without any upfront capital investment and start saving on energy costs right away. Our experienced team manages everything including design, solar finance, installation and maintenance.

$0no upfront
cost to you

Pay for energy
produced on-site

"Host" for a fixed term

$0no upfront
cost to you

Fixed Monthly Payment

"Host" for a fixed term

Keep system over production
at no additional cost

Secure predictable energy costs now and into the future.

Your business can generate its own clean solar power at a lower cost than power sourced from legacy energy providers. As energy rates continue to rise, your investment with solar energy financing will result in savings that grow every year. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure predictable energy rates today.

Competitive pricing.

SolarCity’s experience installing multi-megawatt projects and our relationships with top equipment manufacturers and financial institutions allow us to pass our lower costs on to you. Our in-house design team, technology infrastructure and construction experience enable us to efficiently manage your project without compromising quality or service.

Fully leverage solar incentives.

SolarCity’s team will manage all government rebates and tax credits to ensure you get the lowest-cost solar power. We can even help organizations that can’t qualify for tax incentives benefit from solar incentives through the PPA program. We’ll take care of the paperwork and processing and combine all the local, state and federal incentives to make your switch to solar simple and cost-effective.

Learn more about the SolarCity PPA and Lease.