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Solar for affordable housing

Save money on energy bills now and help ensure the
economic stability of your properties in the future.

Reduce energy bills for tenants and common areas.

Solar power systems for affordable housing properties can offset tenant loads as well as energy use in building common areas, lowering utility bills for both property owners and tenants. SolarCity helps developers set up Virtual Net Metering agreements to distribute benefits easily and efficiently.

Stabilize properties and secure reliable energy

Utility costs are volatile, but we help you secure low, predictable energy rates for up to 20 years. Lower energy costs using solar as an affordable housing solution and contribute to the economic viability of properties by reducing utility allowances.

Innovative financing with no upfront cost or property lien.

With our Solar Services Agreement, we install an affordable home system with no upfront investment on your part, and take care of it for the entire length of our agreement. Our contract does not create a lien on the property, making it easier to secure investor approval.