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Commercial scale solar power solutions

The SolarCity advantage

Service, experience, best-in-class technology and more. See why Fortune 500 companies, cities, schools and other organizations across the country are choosing SolarCity as their full-service commercial solar power provider.

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Customized solar energy solutions

There’s even more to SolarCity and commercial solar power than sustainability and savings. See how we’re driving solar education and creating jobs in the communities we serve.

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Control demand charges with DemandLogic

Peak demand charges can seriously increase your energy costs. DemandLogic uses advanced battery and energy management technology to even out the spikes that trigger those charges.

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Turnkey Microgrid Service

GridLogic ensures that any community anywhere in the world vulnerable to power outages and high energy costs can have dependable, clean power when the grid is down.

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Commercial solar power is good business

Controlling your energy costs is just the beginning. We can be a big part of your corporate sustainability initiative and help you put together a plan to reduce your operating expenses.

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Powering communities with solar panels

We’ve helped cities, counties and agencies, both small and large, take control of their energy costs and save for years to come. We have the financing and experience to help you as well.

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Clean energy can empower your schools

School districts are quickly discovering that commercial solar energy can help them boost their general funds and energize their students.

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Build homes that stand out

Provide your homes with the solar power systems that homebuyers want at no cost to you. We’ll take care of everything. Our dedicated Homebuilder team is ready to show you how it works.

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Partnering for success

Companies including Honda, Google, Goldman Sachs, U.S. Bank and Tesla Motors have partnered with us to drive their sustainability strategies and deliver on business goals.

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