Operations: Anchored in Safety

SolarCity Operations / 01.04.2017

Changing the worlds power solution comes with a clear responsibility to build a sustainable business with core principles of safety, quality efficiency and innovation.

  • We believe that all Health & Safety incidents are preventable and that quality, efficiency and a great customer experience and not multiple objectives but a single solution.

  • We will never reach a point where health & safety performance is good enough; we will strive for zero risk and zero injury in every SolarCity workplace and customers home.

  • We inspire each other to live and work safely in order to support a culture of zero injury and zero risk at work, at play and anywhere else we find ourselves!

SolarCity has designed numerous safety devices called Personal Protective equipment that have gone on to become industry standard across the Solar industry. We wont stop there, we are designing and creating new products every day with every challenge we face. Every SolarCity employee who is at risk is provided the appropriate equipment, tools and supplies to safely perform work.

Training is the bedrock of any successful employee based program. SolarCity has invested in state of the art training tools to build our workforce through e-learning, gamification, self-paced e-tools and a one-of-a-kind hands on training center.

SolarCity is the largest PV Installation company in the US by volume of installations and we are also the safest company per installed Kilowatt. Our innovative spirit is at the forefront of our Safety Program and we believe that there is nothing worth doing that we can’t do safely and there really is nothing we can’t do!

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