Who we are

Glass Slappers. Rooftop Warriors. We've Heard it All.


Find Your Place in Our Team

Each person on our team plays a crucial role in keeping the business moving forward. There are so many different parts but we function like a well organized machine. Whether you are interested in setting up the site permits, keeping the warehouse organized or putting panels up on the roofs, we have a place for you out in the field. SolarCity is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on gender or race. Specific jobs are not gender specific.

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A Day in the Life of a Site Surveyor

Each job has it's specific benefits, incentives, and tools. Whether you enjoy working as a team, or being a one-man-band we have a perfect place for you. Watch the video below to learn more about what it's like to be a site surveyor for SolarCity.

Our Values

We are Teammates

We can only accomplish our goals by working as a team
We like what we do and who we work with
All employees are owners of the company
SolarCity communicates openly and shares information transparently
We all contribute

We Provide Quality Workmanship

We start with the best people and materials, and then invest in training and processes to deliver outstanding installations
SolarCity stands behind the quality of our work
We continuously improve
We are proud of our work

We Strive to Lower Costs

The most successful clean energy company will have the lowest costs
We all take personal responsibility for financial results
We are not wasteful
We make clean energy more affordable

We Strive to Exceed Customer Expectations

SolarCity works to provide the best customer experience that each one of our customers has ever had
We care for customers and their property as we would our friends, family and ourselves
We are prompt
Our customers wholeheartedly refer their friends and family to us because we earn their trust

We Are Innovators Who Welcome Change

We set ambitious goals and deliver through incremental actions
We are trailblazers who don't settle for the status quo
We adapt quickly to new challenges
We give each other freedom to try new ideas

We Act with Integrity & Honesty

We do the right thing
We speak candidly to each other
We admit, fix and learn from our mistakes
We guarantee our performance

We are Anchored in Safety

Safety starts with me
We keep each other safe
We keep our customers safe
We only do what we are trained to do

We Change the World for the Better

Making the world a better place is our business
Every customer we serve and every day we work, we demonstrate our passion for the planet
We educate and empower communities about clean energy
We proudly represent the industry in shaping policy and best practices
We're in this for the long haul

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